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Tyrancatech and Our Community

Our Story: Rebuilding Community Bonds and Strengths with Tyrancatech

Tyrancatech is fresh, small town business startup founded by life partners, Bianca Loots and Tyronne Neilson. Despite facing numerous setbacks such as illness, retrenchment, and financial struggles, and more, they refused to give up on their dream of building a successful future for their family. Through their shared love for innovation and belief in the power of technology, they created Tyrancatech, to not only try and salvage their almost forgotten dream of a successful and happy future for their family, but also to restore community bonds and strengths at the same time.

The business has taken a leap of faith by creating a brand based on people, business, and community, and has been working tirelessly to promote its services using demos, trials, coupons, and other opportunities to market and create basic knowledge of the business as far and wide as possible. The team is committed to learning to walk again and has decided that this journey will be done in conjunction with the community, by assisting them to walk again too.

Tyrancatech is optimistic about the future and aims to break through by recreating community bonds and strengths, proving why humanity should walk together again. The team is discussing platforms and other struggling community problems such as the homeless, hungry, and childcare centres or orphanages within their reach to enable a joint step in the right direction by creating a caring community and branching further, once possible.

The journey may not be easy, but Tyrancatech is confident that they will achieve the unbelievable regardless of the circumstances. Watch this space and see how Tyrancatech evolves, not only personally but as a community and more.

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Let’s build something together.

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